David Oshman

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Woodstock South and The Oshman Family

Is it possible to love deeply and be embraced by intimacy’s arms without surrendering your values and truths? Can a committed long-term relationship have a new beginning every day? Is it indeed possible that all relationships can be fluid and move to the “next level” (whatever that is!) on a daily basis? In one word, YES! The book will empower you to have exceptional relationships and make your quality of life excellent. The secret to making this happen is waking up from the miasma of cultural romantic scripts that we believe and act out every day. Avoiding Capture moves you out of fear into a permanent space of love, respect, and acceptance.

Things I Can Do

An earned doctorate in the school of hard knocks (and a classic slow learner) David Oshman offers not only tales of his own outrageous journeys, but also some wisdom that was learned in the process. What makes his story especially unique are the confessed "detours" in life: dependence on drugs and alcohol and subsequent recovery over 33 years ago, one "failed" marriage and one "terminated" marriage. Oshman’s beautiful Thai wife, Keaw, and he characterize and maintain their relationship with a level of honesty, trust, and communication that he never thought possible. Oshman has served as his own “laboratory” for the principles and concepts presented in this book. And, they work!

A Few Accomplishments

No Clue~!

Avoiding Capture – THE MOVIE,

A full-length movie based on the writing and philosophy of the book “Avoiding Capture", by David Oshman. Overall, the plot is as follows:

SCENE ONE - Apartment The first scene is in New York City. A drab apartment, with an old typewriter sitting just in front of an open window. A fire-escape can be seen, along with many street noises (some are odd, and quite satirical and out of place, such as a cat meowing and a gun shooting and the cat screeching and dying). Also, some background comical “just barely distinguishable" dialogue... maybe between a hooker and a John, a drug addict and a pusher, a cop and a doughnut maker, and the dialogue from the Groucho Marx movie “Get your red hots here" (Harpo). Note, the movie is replete with background satire and silly jokes. This first scene sets the pace. The camera is focused on the paper in the typewriter. The keys are struck SLOWLY... and the camera sees “THE END" being typed. Then the camera pans back to show more of the grungy apartment, and finally, the hero, David, sitting with a look of hopelessness and despair. The movie moves back and forth from satire, slapstick comedy, political and social satire, sloppy romance, and true moral and philosophical conflict. The camera pans the apartment. Pictures of MAD magazine. Books on Love and Romance. Some worn out porn books. And some other SILLY objects purposely thrown in to get a laugh! When the camera comes to a particularly romantic picture (a picture of David's old girlfriend), a montage begins showing loving partners on the beach, running hand in hand, and idyllic love scenes. The music in the background is “You Are the Wind Beneath my Wings" (or some such romantic trash). The feeling of the scene is sweet, melodic, loving, and naïve. The camera returns to David, now smiling. But then images of fighting, violence, abandonment, anger, disappointment, and loss start in an intensifying sequence. The music gets harsher... and sound gets louder, more staccato. Images become more red and black, music is angry... Crescendo... then close-up of tears running out of David's eyes. Then RED filter. Then gray. Then Black. Then complete silence.


Agent's Office This scene takes place between David and his friend, Samuel, who is a publisher and literary agent. The scenes opens with a dialogue between David and Samuel. David is very despondent and discouraged. Samuel is explaining that the book, A/C, is good... but without publicity and endorsement, it is doomed to failure. Samuel also discusses the fear and resistance associated with one of the topics in the book, which is polyamory. David explains (or more accurately DEFENDS) as the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. He emphasizes that this is NOT swinging, or recreational. It is consensual, ethical, and responsible. It poses really no threat to the accepted status quo of marriage and committed relationships. Samuel doesn't disagree, but again points out that the concept is just TOO controversial, and threatening. “And", he adds dramatically, “imagine what the far right and religious fundamentalists would do with this!".

They discuss options, but there is no resolution. Samuel apologizes. But David leaves the office totally dejected and hopeless. On the way out, David fantasizes different very creative ways to commit suicide. Very humorous vignettes... something in the elevator, something in the lobby, and something stepping out into the street. Maybe something ethnic or racial. Like a group of Black Panthers passing by, and David starts reciting racial epitaphs, and slurs! Or being captured and burned by Jimmy Swagart (scene of a witch burning...) This could be VERY funny!


Airline Terminal Scene opens with the hustle and bustle of an airline terminal. About 10 seconds of people and noise and activity. Then, camera zooms in slowly to a very well dressed man, walking amongst the crowd. Around him are body guards. He is VERY handsome, and really remarkably photogenic. He knows it, too! The camera zooms closer, and suddenly the man notices the camera. He waives to convince the photographer to stop shooting, but then a narrative starts describing the scene... the narrator describing the famous man, and speculating about where he's going, who he's with, etc. The celebrity becomes very irritated, and finally finds a book that was left on one of the chairs to cover his face. The camera continues to zoom in, and instead of showing the face of the celebrity, it shows the cover of the book... AVOIDING CAPTURE!

The narrator starts talking about the book. 展hat is it". 展here did it come from". 展ho Wrote it". And other questions. The implication is if this particular celebrity is reading this book, it must be DYNAMITE!!! A big mystery... that needs to be solved...


Magazine Office Scene starts with a 撤erry White" type character sternly demanding that the staff find out about the book, A/C. Funny little tidbit is a man who looks like Clark Kent, and a woman like Lois Lane, in the conference. And maybe the chief says 敵reat Caesar's Ghost", and we have that Jimmy Olson look-alike! Chief says to use all the resources to find out about this book. This is PAGE ONE story!!! The staff all run out frantically...

SCENE FIVE - Magazine Office Everybody hurriedly enters the office. Chief asks for results. Spontaneously, everyone throws a copy of A/C on the table. Camera pans all the copies... and the smiling satisfied faces of the reporters. Then Chief picks it up. Holds it up (like the Holy Grail), and says 典HIS IS THE SCOOP OF THE YEAR!!!"!!!

SCENE SIX - Back in the Publisher's Office Meeting between Samuel and David. TOTALLY different this time. Champagne, caviar, and just in the corner, lines of cocaine... Samuel obviously has had some. Samuel explains what happened, and that this is the BIG BREAK they've been waiting for. David is amazed, and his excitement starts building up. Samuel starts talking about the book, and marketing. Scenes of success and grandeur ensue!

FUNNY OVER-THE-EDGE ideas to promote, and make money!!!! During this scene, issues are brought up about what is actually presented and promoted in the book. Again, outside dramatic (and funny) scenes are used. The main issue is whether this is really a male sexist book!... Does it demean the position of women, and instruct men how to pretty much 堵et their way". Is it supporting anti-feminist, pro-male dominated relationships (this gets complicated, but the message needs to be clear... this is MACHO stuff... OLD IDEAS, OLD FEARS!!!! David articulately describes the book as promoting 堵ender equality". He further asserts that when properly understood, this actually increases the sense of equality between the sexes, and gives the same rights to both men AND women! This is the MEAT of the MOVIE. Has to be handled carefully, and with HUMOR. The humor is critical... it has to bring up issues that are sensitive, but at the same time poke fun AT THE BOOK, and AT THE CONCEPTS. Satire... overstatement... Then we start with TV commercials... 的 used to be CAPTURED!!! But now, I am free. NO LONGER a trained monkey to be rewarded with sexual pleasures by my girl friend. Blah Blah..." Then an interview on Oprah... David is asked about his new romantic philosophy. He effectively defends it, and the men, AND the women, cheer!!!

WOMEN speaking out for Polyamory at an impromptu demonstration. Carrying signs like “what's good for the goose is better for the gander!" One of the women are interviewed, and she breaks her anonymity, and says she is the wife of a very prominent politician (this creates a great sub-plot, showing how this politician bands together with others to denounce and crush with “immoral movement". It is apparent in this subplot that the politician suffers strong feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, and sexual dysfuncation, and this somehow becomes public!!! And his wife is closet bi-sexual!!!! YIPES!!!

SCENE SEVEN - A Book Signing This is a critical scene, because it introduces and brings in David's secret love interest... Greta. Very pretty, very sexy, and very sweet. She is one of the workers at the bookstore. A romantic montage when their eyes meet (clips of old movies... Greta Garbo, Gone with the Wind, Popeye, etc.). Really OVERDONE romanticism here. Very funny!

SCENE EIGHT - Clandestine Meeting(s) Multiple scenes of David and Greta getting to know each other, and FALLING MADLY IN LOVE!!! All kinds of romantic clips... Central Park on the rowboats, Katz's (I'll have what she's having...), etc. At the end scene, it is apparent that their love is so strong, that they want, and need, to be married. David proposes, and of course Greta protests and resists because of the impact that it would have on the marketing of all of the A/C products At this point, while Greta is describing her reservations, we see absurd scenes of A/C Jeans, A/C Self Help Groups, A/C Cruises, A/C Blah Blah. Finally, after this visual consideration, they decide to marry SECRETLY.

SCENE NINE - Meeting with Publisher David and Samuel meet in his now opulent office. Samuel is sitting behind a huge mahogany desk, smoking a cigar. Outside the big picture window is a huge billboard promoting A/C products.... (maybe the jeans, or clothing line, or even Christmas toys!!!). This scene is about greed, selfishness, and jealousy. Samuel talks about how big, and important, the A/C movement is. David sheepishly tells him about his relationship with Greta, and their plans to get married. Samuel has a tantrum!!! Yells, and screams, and accuses David of being self-centered and insensitive to all the people now making money on this movement. This is followed by the quintessential debate between morality, ethics, and financial responsibilities. And VERY important scene. Samuel makes very strong points. David counters, but without any credibility. At the end of the scene, Samuel threatens to ruin David if he proceeds with his plans to marry Greta. David leaves without comment.

SCENE TEN - Wedding The wedding takes place in a small church in NYC. But the media finds out about it, and all hell breaks loose! The same magazine staff that originally shot the celebrity with the book breaks the story. All over the internet. And Yahoo. A fiasco!!!

SCENE ELEVEN - Demise! In this scene, the toppling of the A/C empire is shown dramatically. People who originally supported David and the book turn on him. Evangelists start a reactionary movement, defending feminism, and marriage and commitment before intimacy. The large billboard from the other scene is being redone with a billboard marketing the sanctity of marriage. David feels failure and rejection, but continues to try to focus on his love for Greta. There is tremendous pressure now in their relationship. Guilt, anger, resentment, etc. SCENE TWELVE - Separation! Scene is of Greta packing her things and leaving David. There is an air of depression and loss. Almost surreal. IMPORTANT to bring in some satire and humor at this point. Maybe some celebrity look-a-likes doing lovey things. This scene is very difficult. Bitter. Disturbing.

SCENE TWELVE - Secret Rendezvous – Train Terminal Audience is grieving over the lost love of the two heroes. So, now, this scene shows the two of them meeting (again serendipitously) at a train terminal. They talk, fight, and re-commit. They walk off together, and David throws his copy of A/C into the trash. Something strange then happens. Someone picks up the book, and ....!!!! THE END